Once years back a few of us friends had gathered in the college hostel room I shared with two other girls. Someone or other had brought some ripe mangoes from home and we girls set about peeling, chopping, gobbling. Once the lot was finished, we got up to go wash our hands now sticky with mango juice. Luckily for me, I glanced back just then, and what I saw made my eyes pop out.

One of the girls was calmly reaching out to wipe her unwashed hand on my bath towel spread out to dry on a chair.

“Hey!!! WHAT are you doing?” I exclaimed, shocked, unable to believe my eyes.

She had the grace to grin sheepishly and quietly slip out of the room to wash her hands at the tap outside. But what if I had my back turned? She’d have wiped her hands and walked away leaving me a mango-juice stained towel, right?

It’s been years, and sometimes I wonder if there had been other times unknown to me, and what if anything I had wiped down my clean body with after many a refreshing bath. *shudders at the thought*

©Shail Mohan 2016



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