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Among my friends and family on Facebook (and real life too) there is a neat division over the present issues rocking the nation. I know which side I am on. Definitely not the side that is trying to stifle voices. How easily my *friends* talk of punishing dissenting voices, forgetting that there has been mischief afoot. What if it was your child who has been framed and there were hordes out there baying for his blood? Will you want things to play out the same way as it has now? Will you be okay with your child being beaten up first before being found to have been *wrongly* framed? For thugs to take things into their own hands and beat up those who supported him? Or would you want your child to be treated fairly according to the law of the land?

I am glad for Facebook because I can see the *real* nature of people who otherwise come across as calm and discerning individuals. Sitting in the safety of their homes and justifying violence makes them accessories by default. To me, they are no less guilty than those who actually resorted to violence on the streets. It is extremely depressing, this finding out, but then I am thankful too for the timely eye-openers that have dispelled the illusion of them as a discriminating and enlightened lot who understand what democracy means.

Anyways, I am not going into details about the issues confronting us as a nation as there are already too many out there writing in detail about what has happened, is happening. So I will leave it to them to keep enlightening us further. Suffice to say that I am at a loss to understand why someone wrongly framed has to continue to remain incarcerated even for a single minute longer than necessary. Also, why those openly threatening violence are roaming around free.

©Shail Mohan 2016