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All good things must come to an end so that other good things can have a beginning. Holidays are one of those good things which inevitably get over too soon. The fact generally makes people sad. Going back to a mundane, routine existence after an exciting week or two may not actually have everyone jumping around in joy. But I am an exception. Going back home is equally exciting for me as going on a trip. It is something really looked forward to with anticipated joy.

There, awaiting my arrival, is my not-so-little bundle of joy. I can almost see her quivering with ill-concealed happiness on seeing me, hear her volley of welcoming barks, feel her sloppy kisses. She will then nose around inside my bag as I unpack, drooling all over my neatly folded clothes making them wet and soggy, looking for gifts. A bone, a toy, anything.

In case she finds nothing, that’s okay too because a scarf or stole or a top is an agreeable substitute as far as she is concerned. Running away with one, she will carefully bunch it up with the help of her long snout, stuff her mouth with it and look stealthily at me for my reaction. Oh! I simply can’t wait to see it for real. Not that I am going to let my stole be stolen if I can help it!

What she wants is attention, not in fractions, and shared with the Dad, but the whole of it. Sigh. Dogs are such babies and I love them for it. Humans in comparison are such bores. They think holding love in their hearts and not showing it is something to be proud of, something that gives them credit. Bullsh*t. Who the hell thought up this lousiest of ideas anyway? Moron of the first order, methinks. And they found other morons to follow.

Luci and I don’t fit such a storyline. We are not coy about declaring our love for each other or dancing and singing about it (or writing a blog even) for all the world to know. Who else can give unconditional love like a dog? None, I tell you, no bleddy one.

So see you all on the other side of the ocean. And buh-bye, Oman (though you all may be hearing more about it in the coming days). Hope to come back another day for there is still so much more to see.

©Shail Mohan 2016