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Have you heard of Ariyalur or known that it was under the sea 65 to 145 million years ago? I hadn’t too till it turned up one day on my newsfeed on Facebook. The Nirmukta group had shared a video titled ‘Unearthing The Treasures Of Ariyalur.’ It intrigued me enough for me to go looking for more.

According to Ms. Vaishnavi the maker of the documentary film, while the “fossil treasure” of Ariyalur is surprisingly well known outside India, there was little awareness about this geologically unique place domestically.  [link] That’s kind of sad, isn’t it? This documentary will hopefully change all that, and kindle an interest in India too.

The story of the two amateur  palaeontologists fascinated by the fossil deposits at Ariyalur and decided to explore has, in turn, fascinated me. I hope you people will be equally fascinated by the film.

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