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Let there be no doubt about it. I am a cat and dog person. I can watch cute cat and dog videos for hours together and then wonder just where and how time flew. I know many more like me and we derive great pleasure by sharing the cutest of them between us and then oohing and aahing to our heart’s content. But (yeah, there is always a ‘but’ butting it’s butt into things, isn’t there?) if you go by some people on Facebook you’d think we who rejoice in the simple pleasure of life are the scum to be shunned.

Now, I am the first person to admit we are not all alike. I am also aware not all out there are cat and dog persons. The first time I heard that there were those who did not like reading P.G.Wodehouse I was shocked to the core of my being. That was way back in my younger days when I was still naive enough to think just about everyone except the villains in Bollywood movies liked the same good things in life, and nobody I felt, could deny the fact that Wodehouse was the cat’s whiskers. But I digress. We were talking of cats and dogs, or rather cute videos in which they starred.

So yes, there are people who like to talk about important things like politics, economics, sports, movies and well, whatever. No problem at all. It is up to them what they want to waste spend their time on, discuss and share with others. But when some of them turn all hoity-toity and snigger and refer to ‘those sharing cat and dog videos’ in that derogatory way, I feel there is something really wrong with the world. I mean look at it this way, if they cannot accept a harmless bunch indulging in a harmless hobby, how intolerant (THAT word being bandied about left, right and centre these days) does that make them?

Facebook has in place every facility to kick out unceremoniously those you do not get along with. Believe me you, I have let go some, with disastrous consequences and much childish name calling (yeah, as if I am obliged to keep everyone in my fold, but to be fair there were those who accepted my decision as simply that, my decision). Be that as it may, Facebook also has made it easy for you to streamline your news-feed to your liking, to show up first those updates you prefer to see and neglect others.

If all that is not enough, you can simply ‘un-follow’ people and not see anything from them at all. That is indeed a cool filter, especially suited for family members and other people you just cannot kick out of your circle without bringing on World War 3, they who insist on sharing what has you gnashing your teeth and frothing at your mouth, unending sexist jokes (Hahaha, so not funny, you moron). Yes, I am a feminist in case you were wondering and no, I do not find the ‘women shop all the time and men always suffer’ and similar jokes funny. In fact I wouldn’t qualify them as *jokes* at all, only as juvenile attempt at bravado. I think those who share them were dropped on their head when a baby (Thank you, Wodehouse) and their development was seriously arrested. I dare you to call me ‘intolerant’ for saying that. Ha.

Getting back to our dear canines and felines starring in videos, I have often wondered, what could be the objection against us who share them. It is not as if we have let the dogs and cats loose and they are nibbling away at ears and toes of the high and mighty. The thingumabobs aren’t peeing or pooping on their carpets, more on ours and we certainly aren’t complaining about the mess. The cutiepies are not destroying their peace with meowing or barking. Finally, nobody is holding a gun to their temples forcing them to watch what they don’t want to. And yet, there you have it, the curmudgeons ridicule us for being the gentle souls we are, simply enjoying ourselves without hurting anyone’s sentiments! Tell me, isn’t it our kind that the world needs more of? 

©Shail Mohan 2015

NaBloPoMo November 2015