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Once again Trivandrum (or Thiruvananthapuram) is in the news and for the wrong reason, local hoodlums having barged in on a married couple and attacked them. You can read the story here.

This tendency on the part of members of the general public to want to know the nature of the relationship between every man and woman is nothing new in our part of the world. Some years back there was the incident of a few gentlemen in an apartment complex screening and stopping visitors of a lady staying by herself in one of the flats. Like really?! Which century are these morons living in? I personally know an instance where jobless local lowlifes entered a house forcefully to ‘bust’ a budding relationship which they conveniently tagged as ‘immoral’ and another instance when a letter was dashed off to the husband working away from home about his wife having too many visitors (which of course means they were all jumping into bed with her according to the dumbos parading as gentlemen!).

Whether immoral (a term for unmarried or extramarital liaisons) or socially sanctioned, HOW IS IT ANY BLEDDY BUSINESS OF OTHERS, who meets who, or even who sleeps with who? But try telling that to the self-styled ‘moral’ (sic!) police or even the apathetic general public who secretly think it is all a good thing that there are such ‘checks’ on ‘unsavory’ happenings. Morons, one and all.

So now what, we go around proving marital status to every (im)moral policing lout who comes along?! Time to wake up, people of Kerala, and learn what constitutes your right and what amounts to unwarranted interference.

©Shail Mohan 2015

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