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On a recent visit to the hair stylist, the girl who was blow-drying my hair asked,

“You have only sons?”

I nodded, but couldn’t help feeling curious. It is true that I have been to that place quite a few times, but then I haven’t talked to anyone about my family, and obviously the fact that I have sons is not written on my face for all to see. So, how did she know?

Did she know me from somewhere else? Had my friend who accompanied me mentioned the fact? Not that it is a secret that I have two sons, but still I felt almost like the proverbial cat who got killed by an overdose of curiosity. Yeah, I am like that at rare times, though at most other times I can be quite nonchalant and blase, so much so that people think I already know whatever it is they are keeping from me (nd that is a whole lot of fun, believe you me!).

This time though was not one of those times, hence I asked her how it was that she knew about my having only sons.

“Your friend gets her daughter over for hair-cuts now and then, but you haven’t brought your children in all these days. So I guessed you probably had sons.”

So simple an explanation and it never occurred to me! Sheesh!

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