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Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and today morning I came across someone congratulating someone else’s mother for bringing up such a phenomenal person as her. Nothing really wrong in crediting parents for how the children have turned out, and perhaps in this case the person even knew the mother-daughter duo personally.

And yet, it made me think.

What about those many who had to struggle to become who they are with no help from parents other than stiff opposition every step of their way as they walked life’s path? Yes, parents do that you know (and surprise, surprise!), mothers too. What if you walk up to such a person and start attributing all they are in the present to the mother and/or father?

We are not clay dolls that our parents perfected in some mould they own, but our own persons who have a part in shaping ourselves. More importantly, manyย were broken being poured and set in those very moulds and had to mend the cracks themselves in the process of growing up.

It is good to remember some of us are who weย are in spite of upbringing.

ยฉShail Mohan 2015

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