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Now that the dust has settled down after yesterday’s frenzied celebrations of International Women’s Day I’d like to tell you of something I came across today.


Iceland women
More about it:
The next year, Iceland’s parliament passed a law guaranteeing equal rights to women and men. Although this 1976 law did little to change the disparity in wages and employment for women, it was a large political step towards true equality. The strikers had clearly achieved their goal and demonstrated the undeniable importance of women and their work in Iceland. [link]

After reading this, I was left wondering what if something like this were planned in India? Will women walk out like their counterparts did in Iceland to make their point, OR instead, will they wake up earlier than usual, cook all three meals for the whole family, finish all other chores for the day and then join the protest? Well, when you have been conned from birth into believing you are *goddesses with the privilege to serve and sacrifice* (and education/exposure have failed to shake it off as evidenced by silly Women’s Day updates being shared all over), the latter seems more likely.

Methinks our own 1975 is still somewhere in a distant future.

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