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I am fuming. No, it is not because I have yet again come across stupid *intelligent* people on Facebook sharing about fruits, leaves and whatnot’s with magical properties to cure nearly everything from the Common Cold to Cancer. Like hell they do, but I digress.

Today morning I heard about a pregnant woman (carrying twins) who is admitted to the hospital. I won’t go into the medical details as I am not competent enough to do that, suffice to say that the doctors feel she might need a C section due to complications. The husband though, insists that she give birth the natural way. Why? Good question. He thinks a woman has to give birth in pain, otherwise she will not be a true mother, and will lack *motherly* feelings towards the child(ren).

Did your jaw drop to the floor? Are you fuming now too?

What gives a man the right to be the judge about *motherly* feelings? Which crucible of pain does he go through to get *fatherly* feelings towards his child(ren)? How about the love showered on adopted children by a mother (and father)?


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