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1-019-4After two days of teasing us with dark clouds and cool breeze, today the rain finally relented and fell. Not much, but enough for the plants to raise tired limbs and wave in gratitude. Water drops adorned the tips of leaves and twigs. The dried leaves chattering in excitement since the morning, suddenly fell silent, their spirits dampened by what they considered treachery on the part of the wind. How could you, their silence seemed to suggest, when we were having a good time too. Couldn’t you have waited a few more days before bringing the water laden cloud thisaway?

1-012-2That had been my neighbor’s wish too. The mango trees in her yard are rich with blooms. I hope it does not rain, she had told me yesterday looking anxiously at the skies, the blooms are sure to scatter. My look of surprise had turned to one of understanding at the latter part. When I apprised the L & M about the conversation, he had laughed and pointed out, between us we were putting the rain in a dilemma. To fall or not to fall. It was the neighbor’s mango blooms against my wish for the heat to subside. Once started there is no stopping the man. If only you had been staying in different parts of the city the rain could have managed it, he said tongue-firmly-in-cheek, but how the hell can it manage to rain on one side of the wall and not on the other?  

Come evening, the rain did fall, starting ever so slowly and hesitantly, then picking up momentum. I had two minds about going out. It seemed such a perfect evening to stand  at the balcony with Luci and watch the rain fall. But, Mother Hubbard’s cupboard 1-086was empty so to speak and had to be filled. So it was shopping time. Besides it would also give me an excellent opportunity to click raindrops as they fell on the car windows, and may be create a few more rain paintings.

I am glad I got out of the house just then because what should I see in the sky than the faint outlines of a rainbow!  I was as excited as child. A Red-whiskered Bulbul chose just that moment to fly down and start pecking at its reflection in the rear view mirror of the scooter parked across the street (Sorry, no picture as I was not carrying my zoom lens).

Unfortunately, it did not rain while we were out. But the weather has cooled down considerably, and that is something. Yet I do hope that the mango blooms are intact. 1-091After all the neighbor always shares those mangoes with us. 😉

By the way, I’d like to draw your attention to Gulshan who has commented in limerick form on all 27 of the posts of this month (probably will on this final one too!). Well, she has done it once before, so no surprises there I guess. But what makes this time unique is that she has written them all in a single day, today. So here’s to the Limerick Queen, Gulshan!

And this brings to a close February’s Ramblings. Thanks to those who joined me in rambling, and also to those who read and commented on my ramblings.


©Shail Mohan 2015