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Music is a must in the background, when I go about my housework, except on some rare occasions when I prefer absolute silence broken only by the sounds of everyday life, the scraping of a ladle against the wok, the gentle hum of the washing machine, the cawing of a crow outside the window, water draining from the sink, the gentle tap of the knife against the cutting board, the thump-thump of the wagging tail of your dog beating against the refrigerator door. Hmmm… perhaps that’s music too, you know.

Then there is the other work, writing, for which I prefer absolute silence (with a single exception), which is the reason I find myself most times doing my writing late into the night when around me people are fast asleep. No, I don’t mind the snores, but once the L & M had a late night call which went on and on, with orders being barked out and ears of whoever it was on the other end being chewed off in no uncertain terms that I had to stuff earplugs into my ears to continue writing undisturbed.

In case the urge to write comes upon me while listening to music (as has happened just now) I either switch it off altogether or change to the totally non-intrusive and extremely soothing music by the one and only Rahul Sharma (the exception referred to earlier). There is one song in particular from the album of his (with Georges Kazazian), Confluence 3 : A Meeting by the Nile, called ‘Pyramids’ that I like to have playing on repeat-mode while my fingers tap-dance on the keyboard. Is it any wonder then that Pyramids is THE most played song in my iTunes library?!

So, what about you?

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