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A scene from an Indian movie:

Daughter (with vehemence): I DON’T want to get married!!
Mother (genuinely amazed): Then, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?!

In millions of homes in ‘real’ life, parents of daughters go to great lengths to scrimp and save all their life for the glory of one day ceremoniously dumping her, with gifts and goodies thrown in, on a strange family (some also call this by the name ‘marriage’!), and heaving a sigh of relief. From then on whatever happens can conveniently be pegged on the all-purpose ‘hook’ called Destiny.

If/when a daughter grows up and dares to question this assumption, parents are amazed WHAT ELSE daughters can do with their life other than opting to take on what is in their eyes, the “ultimate” (and ONLY) career for women. Don’t be deceived by the ‘times have changed’ refrain toted freely by a totally negligible elite few. The truth is, nothing of the sort has happened. Daughters are still expected to grow up, marry, move to the husband’s home and make him and his family her top priority.

Now, if only we could change THAT mentality of those millions of parents of daughters, may be, just may be we will get somewhere.

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