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Luci tales are aplenty and this here is just another one of a strange habit of hers the reason for which remains a mystery.

She wakes you up in the middle of the night by gently butting you with her snout, or keeping her paw on the mattress and helpfully blowing hot air in your face, or simply by giving you slobbering kisses. One would think if Luci wanted to go out of the bedroom she would simply walk out, the door being open, and as all she wants to do anyway is move from Spot A inside the room to Spot B just outside the door.

She first wakes up her ‘Dad’ and when he is still going, ‘Eh? What? What?’ totally disoriented by the sudden onslaught of hot air or drool (or both), Luci is already running to the other side of the bed to me, to repeat procedure. Our gal you see, is impartial when it comes to distribution of hot air and drool, even snout butts for that matter. I tell her, “Okay, okay. Alright. Go, go if you want to!” and only then does she leave to curl up with a sigh at Spot B, her place for post-midnight snooze.

The ‘Dad’ in the meantime, poor man, having lost his sleep (one only has to cough or sneeze for him to lose sleep!), grumbles that ‘no one ever lets him sleep undisturbed in this house’, and what he is going to do the next day is ‘go and sleep in the guest room’. Though I do have sympathy for his plight, I cannot help but grin at all the drama happening in the middle of the night, before promptly falling asleep myself.

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NaBloPoMo November 2014
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