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I came across this poster on Facebook today and thought: Bingo! There you have it. 

Yeah, I know.  I have used this space many a time in the past to diss Facebook posters. For a change here I am sharing something that I feel puts it across brilliantly. Kudos to whoever made it and also to those who shared it. At least it is different from the really dumbass ones shared so enthusiastically and defended even more fiercely.

Anyways, getting back, why are women so fond of describing themselves in relation to others? A daughter, sister, mother, wife. Why can’t we be just plain ourselves, a ‘someone’ on our own without leaning on those around? Look around you on the internet and you will find only a handful of bios that don’t do the I am a daughter/sister/mother/wife routine. I am not saying it is wrong to (or that you shouldn’t) get joy out of flaunting your relationships of being a daughter, sister, wife, mother or even grandmother to someone or other. But is that all what women are?

How about being just plain ‘someone’ without affiliations and insisting that the world also see you thus, a person first and everything else incidental and later? If we don’t see ourselves as ‘someone’ rather than someone’s, how are we going to convince those around? I believe that’s something this poster wants to convey (and actually much more, which I would have enunciated too if not for the fact that I just got home after a whole day of travel and am dead tired and already half-asleep), and I so agree.
NaBloPoMo November 2014

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