I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. The 26th in the list is a letter to ‘The last person you made a pinky promise to’


Dear Last Person I Made A Pinky Promise To,

Urban dictionary tells me a pinky promise is done by two people hooking their right pinkies together and one saying “I pinky promise….” followed by what they are promising. That’s not exactly how we did it, right? And yet ours had all the feelings and sincerity of a pinky promise behind it. I promised to be at the wedding of your child and you promised to be at the wedding of my mine.

In spite of the nature of our friendship, you weren’t serious about the pinky-ish promise we made, or so I felt (It is up to you t tell me why I felt so). So I did not consider sticking to my side of it when you announced your child was to be married soon. To tell you the truth, it had been one promise I was so sure I’d keep. It was not to be. But you know what? There is one consolation as far as I am concerned. I am really not a wedding person. The pomp and show puts me off. So in a way I am glad I kept away.

These days I go to weddings and sit there wondering what I am doing there. The scene just doesn’t gel with me. The silks, the surfeit of gold, the decorations, the rituals that nobody knows the significance of but follow religiously, the feasting, the dumping of gifts bought with no thought other than to boost one’’s own prestige. It goes on. I swear that at every recent wedding I attended (have you been to a Nair wedding? It gets over in 5 minutes flat), the minute the man had tied the mangalsutra around the bride’s neck, the sound that could be heard was people pushing back chairs  to make for the dining hall and the waiting sadya. Such unholy haste. The rest of the proceedings continued on the mandap with only very close family and the video and photographers, whose job it is to faithfully capture the moments, as the only witnesses to it.

Well, as is my wont, I have drifted off from the straight and narrow path, namely of pinky-promises. Digression is my bane, right? You know what? (Tell me, how many times have I asked you that question?!) When your turn comes, you are not going to have it so easy, my dear. I am not magnanimous like you. Don’t expect to be left alone. I will hound you till you agree to come and attend the wedding of my child when it happens. So watch out for that oh-so-proper invitation, and the informal pestering phone calls and mails that shall follow till at last you say, ‘Haan baba, haan. I will be there, with my better half!’

You will have to wait for some time though, till my child wants to get married. 😉


Someone who broke her ‘pinky’ promise but expects you to stick to the one you made (Smart, eh?) 😛

* * * * *

©Shail Mohan 2014