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I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. The 20th in the list is a letter to ‘The one that broke your heart the hardest’

Dear One That Broke My Heart The Hardest,

One moment in your arms I was whole

The next, down below into a million pieces broke

An unmasked truth that day you taught,

Of relationships always brought to naught.

Nothing was permanent

That pain of loss was inevitable was made self-evident.

As love’s reward come moments of unbearable joy

And then a lifetime of despair of trying hard your spirits to buoy

Your lesson has set me free

I have given up ‘we’ and from now on it will just be me.

They say it is well to have loved and lost

But, this terrible heartache, at what cost?

Come rain, snow, hail or sunshine

My heart shall forever now remain only mine!

Yours, the one whose heart you broke.

* * * * *

©Shail Mohan 2014