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1.Closing doors

The doors are all closing

Even the ones you opened for me

Leave one last window open

So I might see a slice of sunset sky….

2.With my eyes

I watch the full moon in the sky with my eyes

From somewhere far you watch her with yours

It’s the same moon and yet I wish at times…

That you would look at her with mine.


Clouds laden

Waiting for a gust of cool breeze

To let go and rain

Like my eyes

4.Richer you

I had just a handful left

You caught them in your net

And hauled them away

Do you now feel richer?

5.Aim right

Don’t bring the scalpel down a million times

Making nicks, cuts and deep wounds

Choose your spot with care, aim right

Kill me once and for all, with one clean swipe

6.Dead dreams

Dead dreams, like cadavers

Dangling from rafters

Having hung themselves on bits of rope

Or perhaps, they were killed by hope….

7.Color blind

Erasing the faded green, I drew a new red line

Between your heart and mine

You noticed neither the green nor the red

Too late I found, you have always been color blind.


Your words slammed

The momentum pushed

Now a million light years away

I wander the galaxies, searching for a way…


Soaps wash away grime

Nothing cleans remnants of broken dreams

Like graffiti scratched too deep

They deface heart’s inner walls.

10.Beginning and end

What’s beginning for one

Is an end for another

Dreams are trampled

So dreams can be born.

NaBloPoMo January 2014