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It’s official: I hate crows. Oh I am Birdwali Aunty (link) alright, and crows are birds, I agree. In spite, and though this might get Defenders-of-Crows to swoop down on me, talons and beaks on display, I will say it: Crows are nothing but bally bullies of the first order and a pain you-know-where. Before anyone puts the question, ‘but what have the crows done to you?’ I will answer it myself

bird-65They hindered me in my quest. Yessir, they did. And mind you, it was a quest that in no way affected them adversely. I was visiting, and only wanted to shoot the birds of the area, with my Nikon, of course.

There I was trying my best to merge with the scenery, hoping to click some good pictures of the birds who were involved in their daily routine, totally unaware of fame stalking them in the form of the Shutterbug Lady and her Nikon 5100. But the crows had a different plan for me and them. They went caw-caw in the loudest voice possible, probably waking up crows in distant Timbuktu. There was immediate response. Aunts, Uncles, cousins, friends and foes gathered in a show of solidarity. Probably the Timbuktu section of the family also had arrived in full force. bird-71Then they huddled in hastily formed watch-groups to keep an eye on me. Every step I took was promptly reported via sporadic warning caws which was then taken up by the whole clan, taking noise levels to new highs. They hopped from branch to branch, flew from tree to tree, keeping up with every step of mine, and continued the exercise relentlessly all the time I was outside.

I was terribly hurt by this attitude of theirs, and pretty annoyed too. I knew getting angry would not get me anywhere, and they not being the sort amenable to reasoning, I could not reason with them either. Besides, the birds sitting bindaas on cables just begging me to click them, and those bird-86unconcernedly foraging in the grass for food had flown away to a safer distance hearing all the racket the crows had created. So I retired to my room, defeated, to brood and think of some new strategy, and finding none, thought unkind thoughts of the wretched crow fraternity.

Crows are tyrants. Period. I have seen them chase the smaller birds, the Bee-eaters, Drongos, Kingfishers et al, off the electric cables. They also go after the big ones, the Booted Eagle, the Brahminy Kite. Like a sheep-dog herding sheep, they also chase the Egrets off the marshy land, and peck those who bird-68dare disobey them.

The next morning, the same thing repeated itself. My frustration knew no bounds. The unkind thoughts about them were turning ugly. But evenings found the area free of crows. Oh what a blessing! It looked like they were busy elsewhere. I was left alone to click to my heart’s content. But whatever, the lines are now drawn, the decision made. Now even if the crows ask me (nicely) on bended knees, I am not taking any crow-pictures. Not one. Tchah!

NaBloPoMo January 2014