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Embarrassing moments are always fun to recall in later years, especially if they have not happened to you. There is one story that never fails to amuse me, even after years have gone by since I first heard it. I was not witness to the incident myself, having been a late arrival at that army station, and have only had it told to me second-hand by those who were present.

So, there was this lady, a Major’s wife. Let’s call her, ummm… Mrs. XYZ. Such an absent-minded person as Mrs XYZ was hard to find if I were to go by the words of the ladies who knew her. She seemed to have been the single largest provider of free entertainment to the rest of them. There certainly were many funny stories about her, but what takes the Bharwan Karela (I am no cake fan) and starts me on a giggling spree is this particular one.

When you have celebrations/functions in an army unit, the ladies have a really hectic time. One such busy day, the ladies had attended a lunch session at the Officers’ Mess, then stopped to oversee arrangements at the venue for the evening function, also helping with floral displays. Next they assembled at one of the houses to practice the song they were to sing and as it so often happens, there was much mauj masti happening before some attentive soul pointed out what the time was. There then was a mad scramble to get back to their homes to get ready. Decking up takes time after all.

Mrs XYZ too hurried to her house which was just down the lane. She walked up her garden path, flung the sitting room door open and saw the figure still slouched in front of the television. She threw her dupatta on the sofa next to him, and asked indignantly while sweeping past,

“What the hell are you doing still sitting here?” She then added, “Switch off the TV and come on. There isn’t much time. It is already 6 p.m.!!!”

Down the corridor she marched, flung the bedroom door open and stopped short, totally disoriented. Her cots and peg tables seemed to have moved in her absence, and the sheets changed colors. New curtains too. Errr… this couldn’t be her home?! It didn’t take the poor Mrs. XYZ long to figure out it was indeed not her home. Absent-minded she must have been, but definitely not dumb.

Suitably chagrined, she gently closed the bedroom door and walked back to the sitting room, and not daring to glance at the still stunned man sitting glued to the sofa, staring, not knowing what had hit him, grabbed her dupatta which was lying next to him, mumbled a quick apology, and vamoosed.

What I find hilarious is not the spot Mrs. XYZ found herself in, that is entering a house that she mistook for hers (all army quarters look the same inside and outside) and ordering the man of the house around. When I think of how the poor officer relaxing in front of the television in his own home had a fellow officer’s wife walk in, throw her dupatta at him (well almost) and boldly order him to follow her into the bedroom (Only to get ready, but the poor man did not know that, did he?) in such confident tones… well, that’s when I cannot control my laughter.

If you have an embarrassing story to tell, please do. If you have a post, do leave your links in the comment section. I’d certainly love to read some funny stories.

NaBloPoMo January 2014