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Today’s weekly photo challenge is to share a picture taken with your phone, that reveals your NEIGHBORHOOD.


This is the view from my balcony, where I spend a lot of my time, either reading, or simply enjoying the view, watching children in the playground to the right of the picture or trying to click birds on nearby trees. I get to see quite a few of them: crows, mynahs, kingfishers, brown headed barbets, yellow billed babblers, cuckoo, the greater coucals, tailor birds, sunbirds, treepies etc.
On clear days I can see the mountain range behind the one seen here. When it rains all of it gets obliterated. Its such a lovely sight to see the falling sheet of water swallow the background and lighten the color of nearby things. That’s the East and so one gets to see some lovely sunrises.
The tree with yellow flowers is the Golden Shower or Indian Laburnum. This year it seems to have bloomed way ahead of time.
Well, the challenge said I had to post this via phone. So it’s been tough typing this out. You can see more ‘My Neighborhood pictures here