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I have been saying half-jokingly, that the waterlogged area in South Kalamassery, where I clicked the pictures shown below, can be turned into a mini bird sanctuary. It merits the name by the number of birds one finds there. Take a look at the collage of bird pictures you see below.

These were clicked by standing still at a single spot, and within a short span of time. I have not included the Crows, Common Mynas, Tailor Birds, Sunbirds and Rufous Treepies, who I could hear, but was not able to spot. When I think of how the land will eventually be developed, it being spang in the middle of a residential colony and adjacent to a railway line, I mourn for a future loss, ours and theirs.

Note: Keep your cursor on the picture itself to know the names of the birds.

NaBloPoMo November 2013