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One day I read a comment on Facebook that lambasted stories of oppression of DILs by bossy MILs as nothing but fiction, a myth. Such things do NOT happen in urban areas, the woman, for it was a woman doing the lambasting, categorically stated. They belong to remote, rural areas, she went on, putting her foot squarely in her mouth.

Well, I have no objection to anyone putting their foot in their mouth as often as they wish. It is their foot and their mouth. If that is how they want the pair to meet, and that too publicly on Facebook, who am I to object?!  Personally I feel apart from stimulating thought, it also has entertainment value, plus the potential to turn into a blog post in the future (like it is happening right now).

Let us take this matter of MILs of the city not being oppressive. I am sure that is coming from the woman being a city-dweller herself, with a non-aggressive MIL. But, isn’t it her word against the rest of those who have had to go through a different experience? She perhaps has indeed been blessed with a doting MIL. Good for her. But hey! If that is taken as reason to disbelieve the rest who do have evil mothers-in-law (link 1, link 2), she is simply begging for the counter argument.

So here it is: Since the city dwelling MIL of x, y or z is oppressive, it follows that the woman’s MIL is an oppressive one too. Howzzat? No? Well, why not? Let her try wriggling out of that one. Ha! If it works one way, it has gotta work the other way too, right?! So if we are supposed to buy her argument, she has to buy the argument of others as well based on the very same principle.

Jokes apart, when I hear such people I wonder whether their brain was also thrown away at birth, along with the placenta. I mean, how difficult is it to understand the world is not about us and our experiences alone? “I have never slipped, fallen or broken a bone because my city has perfect roads. So how the hell can you claim to have fallen and fractured your bone? You are lying!’ How childish and MEAN it sounds when people refuse to accept the fact that experiences of life differ from person to person.

What made the comment extremely amusing to me was the reference to the daughters-in-law in rural areas as being akin to drooping willows. Far from us to dismiss DILs from the rural areas thus. Where many of them stand their ground in face-offs with MILs, many of the city-dwelling variety are found meekly handing over their hard-earned pay packets to their demanding MILs. The truth is, oppressive MILs are found everywhere, rural or urban, just as meek DILs. The same goes for they who do not rule and those that refuse to be ruled.

DILs = Daughters-in-law

MILs = Mothers-in-law.

NaBloPoMo November 2013