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I heard the tweet-tweet. Yeah, my ears are now attuned to tweet-tweets. Did you hear that? I asked the First Born, all excited. What? He asked. The birds!!! He listened again, more closely this time and then nodded. Those were the same tweets that had made me grab the camera and rush to the balcony the day before yesterday and get a couple of quick shots, while he had already left for office.

It seems, the news has spread, preceded me rather,Β the Shutterbug Lady is amidst us. But the winglings seem rather shy at the moment. No problem. I have lots of patience.

Here are the captures for what they are worth, not really of good quality. But now that I know where they hang out, I am going to keep a closer look out for the little ones and get better shots. Or, may be they will willingly pose (and pause) Β for me. After all they are the ones who tweeted to let me know they are out there! πŸ˜‰

US2013 025-001 US2013 040

I have been trying to find what these are called with no luck. Perhaps one of you can identify them for me?!