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An unusual silence prevailed all around the Lady’s house. It seemed, there was a lot of heartburn among the members of the bird community. Tsk tsk tsk. How insensitive of you to conclude it is too many worms at lunch that is the cause. Of course not. The birds had just heard that the Lady was about to leave them, and travel to far-off lands.

It just cannot be true, they tweeted from one tree to another, in subdued tones. No way! But of course it was true, as they found out much to their distress and yes, heartburn too. Here are some reactions from the local bird to the news of her imminent departure captured by the lens of none other than the Shutterbug Lady herself.

‘What’ Mistah and Missus Purple-rumped Sunbirds had to say.039


The Kingfisher sulked big time. ย Having written a guest post (link) for the Lady some days back, he had been contemplating co-writing a book (on Kingfishers, naturally) with her as a logical next step to it. After all, he was the world’s ONLY writing Kingfisher. He did not take too kindly to having to put his plans on hold because the Lady had chosen to go gallivanting the country side.


The very generous Loten’s Sunbird, ย selfless as ever, got busy doing what he knew best.


Not to be left behind, the very chivalrous Red-whiskered Bulbuls brought their share of offerings for the Lady, one after the other.

171 1281But the sweetest of them all was the Oriental Magpie Robin chick, hardly out of her egg a few days.



The lady had this to say to all the birds in response: Hey Winglings! I’ll be back ya know. Its not like I am leaving forever. She then heard the Tailor Bird clearing its throat and asked all friendly like, Hey what’s up? Got a cold or somethin’?!

219 (2)Uh-ho! A Cacofonix of the bird-world?! The lady did not wait to find out. She grabbed her bags, waved a hasty good-bye and left.