So here I am with the results of the captioning contest. Below is the list of captions that I sent to the Judge Saheb, who is none other than Vivek (link), the one who captioned the original picture on the contest page (link). He kindly went through the list and picked the winning caption which is the 21st. Is that a mad scramble I hear to check the comments for who wrote the winning caption?

Captions for the contest

  1. “I won’t pose until you turn the blinding flash off”
  2. “Paparazzi Go away…!! I will not let you take my pIcture”
  3. “Heeheeheeheeheehee…that tickles!”
  4. “You can hide under here, no one will see you.”
  5. “It seems “Buttraits” is the new trend in photography these days”
  6. “Oops I did it again  (ala Britney Spears)”
  7. “Mera pankh haseen hai kya?”
  8. “Parde mein rehne do, parda na uthaao
    Everyone’s invited to have a go
    The papparazzi now parades
    And she’s giving out grades
    So long as it’s *on line* i too am gung ho!”!
  9. “I hope I can hide that bad nose job for a while”
  10. “Now, let me enjoy my life. spare your camera for hungry celebs. No, don’t make me one now coz Facebook is passé”
  11. “Oh crap! here they go again click, click, click!
    Humans! Give me a break, break, break”
  12. “Shy coming”
  13. “This is my Catwalk! Gawk all you want, when I preen, and flounce me perfect feathers!”
  14. “Corinne, this one’s for you.. for the next photo pic prompt on Write Tribe…”
  15. “Dekhiyeji… jab hamare pati aas paas nahi to hamari tasveer khichna achi baat nahi… hum Ghoonghat ke bahar nahi aayenge (See, its not good to click me whilst my husband is not around… I can’t come outside my veil )”
  16. “Ufff! Kitni photo khichenge yeh log?”
  17. “The morning after the night before!”
  18. “I did no wrong, I will prove my innocence in court”
  19. “Phew! Finally, I got that bugger bug from there, it was really bugging me! and no no, I am not falling, I am only trying to de-bug myself!”
  20. “Oh! No. She is back again. Doesn’t she understand that I am absolutely not interested. I now have to sketch a new plan  ” !
  21. “I know I am beautiful but I have a zit today.”
  22. “Don’t even think about it, not sharing my worms.”
  23. “As Nature Onlooks, I Hide My Identity, Clutching Human Voices…”

It is none other than *drumroll pleaseBlogwatiG. I am sure she and her daughter are going to share the prize between themselves. You can now send me your address and phone number BlogwatiG!