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Sometimes when you are feeling down it is uplifting to read the nice things people have said about you. Yes, I have one such collection of ‘testimonials’ from fellow bloggers of Yahoo! 360. I took my baby steps in blogging at Yahoo and testimonials were part of the blogging scene there. Bloggers could write down what they wanted to say (good things of course) about other bloggers in a limited number of words, and if that was accepted by the person it was meant for, it showed up on their page.  The ones I received came between the years 2006-2008.

I moved from Yahoo to Sulekha and then moved again to settle at my self-hosted blog Shail’s Nest by February 2008. I did not forget to painstakingly compile each of those virtual citations I received, just in time too in fact, considering that Yahoo as a blogging platform, flipped over and breathed its last soon after. I am glad I managed to do that, for now, I can go back, read them all and marvel at the appreciation rained on me. I certainly don’t agree with all of what is said, but then I don’t have to. It is how others saw me; I simply accepted their views as theirs. In fact, that is exactly what makes it amazing and a humbling experience for me.

So here goes, in alphabetical order:

From-Bob From-Brenny
From-Carl From-Chanakya From-Dayze From-DeeAnne From-Ganesh From-Hrishi
From-Ishrah From-Jo From-Kannan From-Maddy From-Mamta From-Manu From-Manz
from-Mercy From-Mrudula From-Mythili From-Nidhi From-OJ From-Patsy From-Priya From-Priya-Forever
From-Ravi From-Rita From-Rohith From-Sabiha From-Sankaran From-Sneha From-Swathi From-Vivek

I am not sure how many of them still think the way they do. If any of you have changed your mind, please let me know. If anyone wants their testimonial removed, please leave a comment and I will do so. By posting this I am also hoping to find some of those who I have lost contact with. Dayze, where are you? Carl, Sneha, Priya, Aadishpa, Mercy, Ishrah… all of you are remembered. I hope life is treating you all to the best of bests.

Thank you ALL for the memories and the kind words.