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The chained Goddess

They drugged me as a newborn

With poisonous nectar

Repeated before and after every meal

And sometimes in between….

In my ears were chanted

Mantras of martyrdom

Awakening fanatic fires in feverish eyes

Sealing my Fate, forever…..

I was unique and strong, they whispered

They were nothing, they hummed

Mesmerized, drunk on meaningless words

Willingly donning robes of a useless Goddess

I sat in the stifling heat of burning lamps

In my predesigned sanctum sanctorum

The garlands I found were iron chains

To hold me back

My wings had stunted with disuse

I could no longer fly

And yet

The patch of blue yonder

Balm to my bruised heart

Fills me with hope and wild longing

To break free and fly, once again……..

-Shail Mohan (July 2012)