When I look back, I find that Destiny and I have not been friends. Boulders were strewn in my path with such regularity that I always have had the distinct feeling that Destiny held a grudge against me. Now there are some who’d say it’s all for the best. It makes one a more spiritual person. Oh really? Then please, you are welcome to take my share of boulders and make yours a more spiritual life. I hope those ‘some of them’ know what’s good for them and will refrain from talking such utter tripe, such balderdash to me. Anyways…

Destiny has been snapping at my heels quite long enough. We are two old buddies (or enemies, it is just a matter of perspective) who try to get the upper hand by pushing the other down. Destiny seems to always want me to bite the dust (and stay down for good), so is inclined to sit on my head when I am down. On my part, after swallowing and breathing in a lot of dirt, I eventually stagger back to my feet pushing Destiny off my head, and am on my way… at least that’s what I have been doing fairly well until now. So let me hope once again I will be able to do that.

What I wanted to say is that, this blog is taking a break because Destiny just broke my heart. It has successfully stolen from me my most favorite thing, my ability to write or rather type. I have hurt my arm. Let me see how long it takes for me to punch Destiny in the face (without hurting my arm), perhaps a week, maybe a couple of them (and I really hope it’s not longer than that). I will be back to my job of punching people with words as soon as that is done. Until then, bye. Ciao.