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Waiting for Tito



Since long I have been waiting

Tito* said he’d be coming.

Momma is too busy working

Since the maid has been absconding.

When work is done she goes a-blogging

So there is none for playing

With my tennis ball I am left standing

At the wall, my eyes searching

For my friend who said he’d come visiting

Perhaps he will have time for throwing

This ball that in my mouth I am holding

Then maybe he’d take me walking

Or we could even do some running

I shall gladly settle for jogging

Followed by a bout of wrestling

We’ll finish off with eating

The hearty meal Momma’s cooking.

So Tito, when are you coming?

Waiting is oh-so boring.

– Shail Mohan (March 2012)

Tito* is the much acclaimed fan of Luci. You can see more of Luci either here or here.