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The orders forbade assembly

But was disobeyed blatantly

Protestors had gathered clandestinely

And marched as one purposefully

Placards were brandished angrily

Their rights they demanded lustily

To manage the mob summarily

Law enforcers were brought in hastily

The crowd was told decisively

To disperse  quietly and immediately

Instead the situation turned ugly

As the irate throng turned unruly

At helmeted men awaiting orders patiently

They pelted stones unerringly

To subdue the mob unequivocally

Lathis were raised and used liberally

A policeman soon fell wordlessly

He had been stabbed stealthily

The retaliation came instantly

Enforcers fired at the hordes indiscriminately

What followed was pandemonium so bloody

As some fell, others fled bleeding profusely.

The newspapers splashed pictures of the melee

And write ups had every detail gory

Crying mothers, fathers, siblings from each family

Lamenting their loss to a cause they understood barely

The leaders from their lairs issued decrees peremptorily

The march had been a success unquestionably

Martyrs for the cause had been created undoubtedly

Satisfied they smiled, their plan had worked perfectly.

–  Shail Mohan (May 2011)

Pssst! What else do you expect from a  Mallu?! Lol. But hey I am apolitical! No left or right for me, or even left centre or right forward for that matter. If I had my way, I’d dump the lot of them in the ocean and then worry myself sick that the ocean would be all polluted.

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Words this week: brandish, manage, forbid