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Secure in your love

at long last I am free

to let you be

and let myself be…

Or is it that I could erase

finally …and forever

the last traces of ‘conditional’

learn anew what is ‘unconditional’??

When celestial stars lose their way,

in unknown alignments make their stay

what must be will be

but…. has acceptance ever been easy??

Was ours an accidental union

or pre-ordained a re-union??

My love, can you with certainty

say, we weren’t meant to be….??

You have been my rock

immovable and strong

as impetuously the brook flowed

pushing and pulling to take you along

Now I am a tranquil river

back to being a ‘giver’

no more dreams of change

of what can never be changed…

Yet… in my heart I carry

ever so carefully

something that will never die

a spark of hope, essential to survive…

Secure in my love

at long last I set you free

to let you be

and let myself be….

– Shail Mohan (March 2011)

Written for OSI Prompt 158: Accidental