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Now who would have thought being late and last would win me a trophy?? That’s just what happened. I won the  Super Fun Scrambler Golden Trophy that you see above, for being the second last person to come up with the answer to the jumbled word/sentence that Pal had posted here.  Winning the trophy comes with a catch. I have to post my own jumble quiz and pass the trophy on. After all isn’t it a ROLLING Trophy??!

So here we go….

klise tno seooacclht ot vrneeyeo eta

That’s pretty easy, isn’t it?? I am sure all of you have un-jumbled the words and put them in their right order by now. So I am going to make it a little more difficult to take that rolling trophy away from me.

Relax… I was just joking. It’s not anything difficult at all, just something different. Do you see the picture below?? Stupid question, I know. Unless there is something wrong with your browser or the net or whatever, it is even now gazing right back at you. Now here is what you have to do. Frame questions about what you see in the picture, as many as you can.

The three who ask the maximum number of right questions (not just about anything, but related to the picture, but not the one of the trophy) along with giving the right answer to the jumbled sentence above, gets to walk away with the rolling trophy. Could anything be easier than that?? None I am sure….. So go ahead and frame the questions.

Errr…. I nearly forgot to mention something. The questions CANNOT begin with WHAT, WHY, WHERE, WHO, WHOM, WHOSE, WHICH or HOW.

Comments are moderated for the post. The answer comes up on Sunday with the name of winners as an update to this very post. Don’t start throwing things at me if it doesn’t. Okay??  Just have a little patience. I have plans of watching Inception and roaming around Bangalore on Sunday.  So it might just be postponed to Monday.  Please feel free to come back and write down the questions if new ones come to mind. They will all be counted.

Click the picture in case you want to see it better. Good luck. Let the fun begin.

Updated at 12-19 p.m. 17/07/2010 to add the word WHICH’ in the not to be used list. Thanks for pointing out my lapse Maddy. And since no one as yet has used it in their questions, I can easily add it here now.  But of course magnanimous that I am I will let your that particular question remain in the fray. But no more ‘WHICH’!  🙂

Updated 1-00 p.m. 19/07/2010.

I am late I know. I am still reeling under the effect of watching the movie Inception. Besides, had a long day and a late night. Now the excuses for my tardiness are over and done with, let me get on with the matter at hand.

A very poor poor response. Maybe it has something to do with the weekend. Yeah, I know just like everyone else that working days are when the hits to blogs are maximum. Weekends are dull times.

There are only 4 people who got the jumbled sentence right. So they are the ones considered for the trophy. After all, it is a F-un-crambler Golden Trophy!  So sorry Shilpa, you had asked 20 questions too!

Uma with the right answer and the maximum number of questions (28) is the unquestioned winner of the rolling trophy, one of which she already won some time back.

Indian Homemaker comes a second with 18 questions.

Govind a third with 15 questions asked.

And I give away the trophy to Comfortablynum as a special gesture. She was the very first to leave the right answer and leave 6 questions.

Ok thats it. Thank you all for being such sports and joining in the fun. And do check the comment space for my own questions! 😉 😉  Looking forward to seeing your own posts!  🙂