I was sitting staring aimlessly into space when I heard the doorbell. I didn’t move. I hoped whoever it was would go away and leave me alone to lie here in my stupor. I have been sitting here since morning, the same as I have been since a couple of months now. The book lay unopened in my lap. Everyday I drag myself through the morning chores, then come and sit here with my book with intentions of reading it. But other than flipping through it and staring at the print uncomprehendingly, I have done little else.

The doorbell rang again. I ignored it. ………. (More)

Just an excerpt from a short-story by yours truly,  called ‘And the Baton Passed...‘ posted at INDImag in the Kathasagar series. Please drop by, read, comment and rate the story (for which you will have to register at the site, a very simple process).  I would be much obliged. By the way, the voting is open till 1st of April 2010.

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It’s a veritable treasure trove of short-stories. So don’t forget to go through and rate the rest of them as well. Like they say, ‘Support the Endangered Authors‘ and also leave a word of encouragement for each of us you read when you step in. Thanks you.

Updated on 27/02/2010

Redemption,  another personal favorite, worth checking.