I happened to listen to one of those programs aired on the radio where people call in with questions to their favorite celebrity of the day or some such thing. This particular caller had one to ask of Prithviraj, the talented young actor of the South, who was the star of the day. Prithviraj was flummoxed by the innocuous question put forward by the man. I racked my brain for an answer and was stumped too, not of course that I have an answer to everything.

Come to think of it, the caller probably has a girl friend who insists that he talk to her only in Malayalam, because all he wanted to know was, how he could say ‘I miss you’ in Malayalam.

Malayalam being my language (my mother’s tongue is of course safe in her mouth) and all, I thought I would have an answer to a simple question like that. Sigh, apparently not! But I am curious. I want to know how I can say ‘I miss you‘ in Malayalam, for that matter in any of our regional languages. It’s a funny thing because although I am educated, I probably still wouldn’t have known the answer. This is where you all come in.

So can those Mallu readers who grace my pages with their presence oblige me with an answer and enlighten me in the process?? And all those non-Mallu readers who also grace my pages and brighten it, will you also tell me how you say ‘I miss you’ in your respective languages and enlighten me even further?? I would be much obliged. Thank you!