Its award time again. Dreamer and Pal have both honored me with the ‘I adore your Blog’ award.

So now there is one more in the Awards page. Thank you, girls.

I am supposed to nominate blogs of my choice for the award. I would like to include both your blog pages for the award too. But I am not sure if I can do that. Oh well, when have I done things as they have to be done?? I had been a stickler for doing things as they have to be done somewhere in my distant past. Not anymore though. Oh no siree, not at all. This of course doesn’t mean I don’t follow traffic rules or other such. I am a law abiding citizen and wouldn’t throw stones at buses or even think of burning them for flimsy reasons in spite of being a Mallu.

Anyway before I go rambling along like that seemingly aimless brook, let me nominate the blogs of my choice. The award has to be passed on to the deserving.

1. Just a mother of two

Actually, Preeti needs no intro or even an award from me. But, I simply adore her blogs.

2. Notes from a harried Mom.

Then there is Arch writing about her muse Junjun. It is as much Junjun’s utterances as her way of presenting it that has me going back for more.

And once again, thank you Dreamer and Pal.