She frantically punches buttons on her cell phone and impatiently waits for the phone to be picked up at the other end. And when it is, the following conversation ensues.

She: (anxiously) Where are you??

He: On my way home…

She: I know that. Where have you reached??!

He: (names a place 7-8 kms away from home)

She: (with urgency) Ok ok. But come QUICKLY!!

He: (now quite alarmed) Why! What’s the matter??

She: (shuddering) There’s a lizard in the refrigerator!!!

He: Whaaat?? HAHAHAHAHA!!

She: (giggling nervously) It jumped in from the top door when I opened the fridge. (adds peevishly) Why did it have to jump IN?? Couldn’t it have jumped OUT?? Stupid thing!!

He: (guffaws again) HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

She: (giggles nervously again while peering into the refrigerator from a distance of about 4-5 feet, poised for instant flight in case the lizard with the ‘your-fridge-is-also-my-fridge’ mentality made a sudden appearance)

He: (gallantly) Ok ok, don’t worry, I am coming!!

She sighs in relief, switches off the phone and patiently awaits the modern day Knight on the Fiero to come to the rescue of the damsel put in distress by lizards that are miserable failures when it comes to using their internal navigation system in the right manner while moving around especially in those human households inhabited by lizardo-phobic damsels. By the way, no prizes of course for guessing the identity of either the Knight or the Damsel in Distress.

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