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I am a cipher
You try to decipher
To find your answer
My love, come closer
Take off your glasses
Look deep into my eyes
They hold the keys
That unlocks the codes.

See the wild roses
The haunting demons
The changing seasons
The heart’s reasons
Thorns that prick
What makes me tick
The castles I build
Dreams distilled

Loneliness that chills
Love that fills
Pride that kills
Silence that stills
Captive words
Like caged birds
Useless wings
Mere broken strings

Strange tunes to which I dance
Melody that holds me in a trance
Smoke signals that make me cry
And those that make me fly
The magic carpet I ride
The wind on whom I rely
Cloud nine where I reside
With you eternally by my side.

I jive to a different tune
Different things make me croon
Can you see that different world
That through my eyes lies unfurled?
Can you hear that different song
That thrills as I trill along?
My love…  you and I differ
Can you still decipher this cipher?

-Shail Mohan (June 2008)

Reposted from shail-mohan blogs @ sulekha.com