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I am on a blog holiday, not voluntary rather an enforced one, as I don’t have net connection as yet. I was jolted out of this enforced hibernation when I came across a startling bit of news, a revelation of sorts. There I was ensconced in my favorite chair newspaper in hand and my morning cuppa beside me. The usual stuff, strikes, bombings, terrorist activities, killings and such cheerful news greeted me as my eyes scanned the day’s paper. All pretty normal. What a wonderful world we live in, I mused as I went from page to page little realizing what awaited me on page eleven. My jaw dropped in amazement. Disbelieving my eyes, I shook my head to clear it of whatever might inadvertently have been added to my morning cuppa though I must admit I made it myself. I read the bit of news a second time and then a third. It remained the same even after the third read. Hmm….

Sexual harassment okay as it ensures humans breed, Russian judge rules” it said.

Now I bet you didn’t know that!! Frankly neither did I. What stupid idiots we are, the majority of us I mean. It takes someone special and gifted to come along and open our eyes. Makes me wonder what the heck those people all over the world think they are doing fighting sexual harassment??!! Endangering the human species is what they are doing, the ignoramuses!! Do they want humans to follow the dodo into extinction?? Foolish people!! Oh Lord forgive them their ignorance, they know not what they are doing. Just reading what the newspaper said next chilled me to the marrow.

If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children,” the Judge ruled

Omigosh!! Imagine what catastrophe would have resulted from our collective ignorance if not for a learned and eminent Judge like him daring to point out facts of life to the lot of us!! Humans as a race would have disappeared off the face of the Earth. Phew what a scary prospect!

Hmmm…. On second thoughts, I wonder…. is it such a scary one??

When a young girl of 22 is locked out of her office for refusing to have intimate relations with her 47 year old boss and files a case against him, the Judge feels it is alright to throw the case out not due to lack of evidence but because he says, the employer had acted gallantly not criminally. Hmmm… It is not only time for you and me to redefine the word ‘gallant’ but also to understand and accept what a gracious act sexual harassment is. Employers are obliged says the learned Judge, to make passes at female staff, to ensure the survival of the human race. Can it get any nobler than that??

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