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Run little girl run and hide

Fearful monsters roam outside

Close the windows pull the blinds

Shut the door and stay inside

The swirling mass of inky black

Slimy hands waiting to hack

Evil eyes and dripping fangs

Wicked laughter deafening clangs

Monstrous trees standing tall

Branches spread to scratch and maul

The scary world holds them all

Do not venture out at all.

Lies and Deceit rule with masks

Honesty is taken to task

Friendship fled long ago

Sincerity has nowhere to go.

What is right what is wrong

When Feelings are sold for a song

In our journey Truth derails

And Love remains in misty veils

Life is no beautiful dell

Crawl into your safe hard shell

In your fortress in my heart

Stay alive till we depart.

– Shail Mohan (May 2008)

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