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Sand in my shoes
Sea breeze in my hair
Love in my eyes
The reflection in yours

Muted reds of the sun
Painting sea and shore
Hovering rain clouds
Biding time to burst

Restless sea roaring
You and I yearning
Waves pounding
Our hearts hammering

Hands longing to touch
Lips trembling to kiss
Infinitesimal moves
Creating chapters of love

Hungry eyes devouring
Every word flowing
Hidden codes deciphering
Then in elation soaring

Holding memories tight
We make our way home
As night gently falls
And afar flicker lights

There is love in my eyes
Its reflection in yours
There is sand in my shoes
As there is in yours

– Shail Mohan (Feb 2008)

Reposted from shailmohan blogs @ sulekha.com