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A dedication

Our love story… Where did it start?? Is it the day you told me you had been searching for me all your life?? Destiny, you said brought us together. There was no going back. Wherever life took us from now on was immaterial. Our paths were now entwined forever.

Tere mere sapne ab ek rang hai,
Jahan bhi le jaayen raahein hum sang hai.

I was the happiest one in the whole universe that day. I had found my soul-mate. What more did I want?? You told me you fell in love with me the moment you set eyes on me at a friend’s place. We had met as if by providence and you had lost your heart.

Ek haseen shaam ko dil mera kho gaya
Pehle apna hua karta tha ab kisika ho gaya

You walked over to me and spoke to me. Yes I remember the evening. How can I ever forget the day my love?? Everything seemed so dream like. It was like meeting myself. Within a few days you were singing of your love for me.

Dil ka bhanwar kare pukar
Pyar ka raag suno re..

But it took a few more days for me to admit to you that I loved you too. And one day I did. You were too happy to sleep that night, you said.

Khoya khoya chand khula aasmaan
Aankhon mein saari raat jaayegi
Tumko bhi kaise neend aayegi

We were on cloud nine. We did not want to leave it ever. One day you told me in all seriousness that my smile was too dangerous for your heart. I had to warn you before I smiled. Each time I looked at you, you pretended to fall struck by cupid’s arrow. You only made me smile more.

Aise tho na dekho ke humko nasha ho jaaye
Khoob soorat si koi humse khata ho jaaye..

What a memorable evening that was. There were so many more memorable evenings. One day we stayed up talking for too long. It was late and it looked like rain. Reluctantly I told you it was time to leave. But you would not let me go. You wanted me to stay back for some more time.

Abhi na jao chodkar
Ke dil abhi bhara nahi…

The sky had turned all grey. There was cool breeze blowing. All of a sudden the skies opened up drenching us. We ran in to a near by building for shelter. I shook the rain drops from my hair and you stopped me.

Na jhatko zulf se pani ye moti phoot jaayenge
Tumhara kuch na bigdega magar mera dil toot jaayenge

I smiled and let the rain drops be. Your eyes had a new look in them. They were making me blush. You called me to your side. I shook my head suddenly feeling shy of you.

Duur rehkar na karo baat kareeb ajao
Yaad reh jaayegi ye raat kareeb aajao..

The rain and your nearness were a heady mixture and I was losing myself. My heart was doing strange flip-flops. I stood away from you, yet I longed to be in your arms. You slowly walked over to me your gaze holding mine. I stood there mesmerized. You took my face in your hands.

Chuu lene do nazuk hoton ko kuch aur nahi hai jaam hai ye
Kudrat ne jo humko baksha hai woh sabse haseen inaam hai ye..

You kissed me. I closed my eyes giving myself up. I was lost to time and the world. But I pulled myself together and tried moving away from you. You smiled and only held me closer. I blushed and looked away.

It had stopped raining. It was now time to go. My heart was heavy. You were leaving soon. We belonged to each other, but what was the future of our love story?? You understood. You took my hand looked into my eyes and said you were mine forever. You pointed to the horizon and said, “Look, do you see that?? Even if we don’t meet again in this life, we will meet over there and in every life thereafter.”

Sau baar janam lenge, sau baar fanaa honge
Aye jaane-wafaa fir bhi hum tum na juda honge

I wait for you my love in this life and in every life thereafter to be yours and yours alone.

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