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Balconies vary by size, design, shape and content. Here’s a look at some of them. Pictures are all from my recent trip to Belgrade.

Some balconies are pretty basic, but have colorful flowers to liven it up…
Other balconies have utilitarian stuff stored in them.
Still others are plain and empty of either adornment or stored stuff.
Some balconies have metal railings, others have potted plants peeping through them.
This here is a corner balcony with cross-cross metal railings.
A brick and rotary balcony (or is it stone?) in a rectangular shape, with greenery flowing out makes a perfect picture.
There are balconies in a semi-circle shape, filled with plants, and below them rectangular ones with wrought iron railings.

Then there are the delightful three-sided balconies,

I am sure there are more kinds of balconies. Besides I have probably missed sharing some more from among the many pictures I took. But there is always another day and another blog post to share. Ciao for now. 😊

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