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It’s September.

Time to start musing …on whatever takes my fancy.

So what’s new, some of you might think. Isn’t that what you do here always anyway?

Indeed, yes. That’s exactly what I do. It is just that I will be doing more of the same under the label of ‘September Musings’ this whole month if I can manage it.

You see, by the time this post comes up, I shall be in a different continent, taking in new sights and also talking nineteen to the dozen with the Second Born. It is short visit, but it still means more stories to tell and pictures to share when I return.

This trip is itself special because I will have pulled off the impossible of persuading the L&M to travel along with me. The L&M is someone who prefers the comforts and familiarity of home to travel to unknown places. Quite unlike me. While I love my home, I also love going to new places.

That we are visiting the Second Born is what clinched the deal this time. Also the fact that he did not have anymore excuses at hand. Haha. This also means that there’s going to be one more trip I am dragging him off to in the near future, to visit the First Born. After all he cannot visit one son and not go look up the other, can he? And that, I have to tell you, works out very well for me too. 😉

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