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I am not someone difficult to please. The smallest of things puts a smile on my face, a spring in my steps, a song on my lips. Luci’s countenance for example. Alas, now all I have with me are her photographs and videos, but watching them gives me so much joy though mingled with an unbearable sense of loss.

The sky and its different moods fill me with inexplicable joy. Whether it is a bright blue cloudless sky or one in which there’s a display of thick clouds, it doesn’t matter. Just standing in the balcony and watching the rain fall or the gently swaying coconut palms is enough to bring on the elation. Birds that alight nearby are like the icing on the cake.

The other day I saw some pretty pink flowers as I got out of the car. I could have cried with joy just looking at their pink delicate loveliness. Their gleeful dance in the not-so-gentle breeze made it difficult for me to get a good shot with my phone. But I didn’t give up. And there in lies another reason to be pleased, a good photograph.

A song, a message, a smile, a wagging tail (or a swishing bushy one accompanied with a musical meow), a good book, a surprise gift, cooking a meal, putting clothes to dry on the line, looking around at your just-tidied home with everything in its place, friends who visit…the list of things that please me is endless and long.

There is something else that pleases me immensely and that’s writing a blog post. Is it any wonder then that early at dawn today I dreamt that I had written five blog posts back to back? I was about to move on to the sixth when the thought came to my mind, in my dream of course, to check for comments. I took my phone and began scrolling. The next thing I know I found it was morning and I was already late for my walk.

Sigh. It had been a good dream while it lasted. I don’t know if it will ever come true though a friend has offered to comment on all of them with four-liner poems if I ever make it happen. Let’s see. I am not making any rash promises. Much as I love to blog, and am missing it so very much, life has been rather hectic these days.

All morning I could feel this warm glow of satisfaction from the five blogs I had written in my dream. But that’s not enough for a blog-junkie, right? Dream blogs are all fine, but they don’t manifest on your page. So I am pleased to be here and writing this post. One done, four more to go. 😉

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