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Finally, some action on the parrot front.

I had almost given up hope. Maybe the eggs broke somehow, or were defective an hadn’t hatched, but the mama parakeet was warming them under her butt out of sheer instinct. Thus ran my thoughts. Yesterday I walked out to the balcony to check, but found no mama parakeet head sticking out of the hole in the coconut tree. Looks like they have vacated premises. Maybe she realized and has left to find a new home to lay her next set of eggs, I said to myself.

Scarcely had I finished the sentence than two parakeets materialized on the coconut tree trunk as if out of nowhere. The bigger one seemed to be feeding the little one. Ahh, here at last was some action! This time I already had my camera with me because I had been clicking a Magpie Robin who was using a headless coconut tree as stage and singing his heart out. But he had flown away to sit on a gate further away. No worries, he’d be back another day. For now I had the Rose ringed Parakeets to capture in the evening light.

So here they are!

After putting on a bit of show for my sake (I’d like to believe), the little one went back inside the hole of the tree, and the parents bird flew away, presumably to forage for more food.

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