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wake up calls have the gall
to rudely shake those in deep slumber
also the sloths and the indifferent
force them to face what needs to be faced

the golden rays reaching out
from behind tall mountains
(it is morning, a new day)
in the inky blackness
the streetlights show a way
(escape and melt in with the night)

a flight to catch back home,
a bus to take and disappear
goodbyes to be said
hellos to be planned
bring smiles into drab lives
wipe tears, stand straight and start afresh

wake up calls have the gall to tell
night is over and done, it is now dawn
the milk that has boiled over, is gone forever
with no fuel, the car won’t run
retrace steps now and start afresh
wash your hands clean and run for your life.

© Shail Mohan 2020