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You might already have guessed. I am not the kind to vacillate. If there are choices to be made between courses of action, I make them without too much fuss. It is quite easy for me really. Weigh the pros and cons (or don’t), decide which cons are the ones you are willing to suffer for the pros you want in your life and based on that make your choice. When it is about being undecided about different opinions, I choose to educate myself on the topic. So yeah, you will not find me dithering.

I can’t say the same about some people I know. Many of them hem-and-haw over the smallest thing and drive me nuts. This or that? That or this? Here or there? There or here? Blue or green? Red or yellow? Roses or lilies? Long or short? Over or under? Train or plane? Tea or coffee? Black or white? This goes on till you either walk away to admire the sky to keep your sanity intact or outright tell them what option to choose.

Sometimes I think it is all a ploy to not take responsibility for one’s choices. They can always go, “But YOU said ‘Go for it’ and that’s why I went for it!’ Or, ‘The food isn’t good here, YOUR choice sucks.” Never mind that they had been at it for hours trying to decide on a place to dine and fed up, you had decided to make the choice for them.

The truth of the matter is, I have been at the receiving end of ‘But you said/did….’ too many times, only because someone or other was wavering indecisively and I had stepped in to save the day time for everyone concerned. My answer: Yes I said/did …because someone or other couldn’t/wouldn’t. So no regrets whatsoever on that count. 😉

© Shail Mohan 2020