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Ahh! I see that you have decided to write about me.
You?! I am writing about me, me as in self.
I am the me in you. So we are one and the same.
Did you know, the me-in-me, that is the you-me speaking to me, and the me in everyone else… are all one and the same.
Eh? Why are you talking like that godman Whatsishisname?
I have on good authority that it is a sea of me’s out there.
Huh? Since when is Whatshisname a ‘good authority’ on anything?
There are no you’s in this world, only me’s.
Omg. What’s happened to you? Is it the lockdown? Have you checked your temperature


I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the video of a godman telling the gathered devotees that that me (points above, indicating the divine), and this me (points to himself) and the you me (points to the crowd in front of him) are all the same. The stoned look on their faces at the ‘wisdom’ is priceless.

This is not anything new. This is the idea on which most of the so called godmen (and women) base the so called wisdom they dole out by the bucketfuls. We are all one. There is no you and me. Stop thinking on those terms. Some go so far as to say that saying ‘thank you’ separates us from each other. Why thank someone when that someone is also a part of the one whole cosmic ‘me’ of which you are also a part? It is like your left hand thanking your right hand for writing something excellent. Foolish, don’t you think? They both belong to you, the whole.

No, I didn’t make that stuff up. I wouldn’t know how to make up such sh*t if I wanted to. I simply heard it first hand. Someone was seriously advocating that saying ‘thank you’ separated the two people from each other who were otherwise one. I take exception to that. According to me, as it is we don’t thank others enough for what they do for us. And here was someone glorifying not thanking. Do we really need this kind of ‘philosophy’ being bandied about so carelessly?

I was in my teens when I heard a monk saying that in our culture we never thanked our mothers. He said it with so much pride. Why? Apparently because there was no need to thank mothers. They did what they did for the family out of love, pure love. Thanking her would be akin to humiliating her. That is for her to decide, not you, you dried up old prune, I said in my mind.

So yeah. where were we? Part of one great whole. BUT. You bet there is always a big but butting in.

Try telling these godmen and women that since we are all part of this great big whole, they should share their immense wealth with all. Or at least send you the luxury car they travel in, so you can avoid taking the crowded bus to office. That’s when you start hearing a different song being sung. You will come to know it is not all me’s as they tried to convince you, but that there are me‘s and also you‘s, two different entities. and the twain shall not ever meet. Hypocrisy, much?

Note: All these days the readers might have been wondering who I have been talking to at the beginning of each post. All is revealed today, it had been to myself. It has always been Me ‘n Me or Me vs Me as the case may be. My best friend and worst critic is this same Me-in-me.

© Shail Mohan 2020