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Victoria is sad.

And Pedro has two jobs.

Don’t ask me why Victoria is sad. I was told she was. Perhaps it is because Pedro has two jobs and she has none?

Lucky fellow Pedro. Where people are hunting for jobs, he has two. But again what if one job wasn’t paying enough and dire need pushed him to take up a second one? It could be that all he wants is a single well paying one and time afterwards to relax with feet up in his home sweet home. Instead he has to break his back working at a second one.

I bet if he had one that paid well, he’d be only too glad to rectify matters for Victoria by giving up the second one, and giving her a chance to apply and be accepted, provided of course that Victoria is qualified and his employers are in favor of the idea.

IF Victoria’s sadness is all about being unemployed.

What if Victoria is sad only because she couldn’t go on a holiday with her friends? She had so wanted to go to Bali too, but her boss hadn’t approved her request for leave of absence. Oh yes, this means Victoria has a job and Pedro can relax and hold both his jobs if he so wishes. Victoria’s sadness could be because her boyfriend is a sexist jerk and she doesn’t know how to get out of the relationship. Or here’s another: She may be passionate about our planet and is worrying herself sick about climate change and what it is is doing to it.

Hmm… Perhaps Victoria’s mother cut down on her television time and told her to go to her room and stay there. What? We don’t really know how old Victoria is, only that she is sad. And when you are young, mothers (and fathers) can cause a lot of heartache knowingly and unknowingly. Or she could be cold and hungry and in a boat going she knows not where…

Victoria está triste.

Pedro tiene dos trabajos.

Spanish lessons can make you go on a mental journey of your own. Right? Or did you think I had taken leave of my senses? 😉

© Shail Mohan 2019